Accordions role in SEO and Web designing are talked widely these days. Accordions are elements in web design which facilitates users to have a pleasant experience while reading through the pages and content. You can imagine how disturbing it will be to read loads of text in a single web page. So accordions, tabs and drop down boxes play a huge role in making the content easy to read and understand and for better navigation inside the web pages.

Accordions, Tabs, and Drop downs are widely used in 2019 SEO and web designing because it arranges the content in a beautiful structure.

When the user clicks an accordion they are able to see just the information they need to unravel. There is no need for a user to go through chunks of data inside a page other than reading or getting something he or she needs specifically. And here comes the major doubt among web developers and SEO enthusiasts; Can Google Crawl Content in Accordions for SEO ranking? Earlier Google was looking at this a a black hat SEO Trick that someone hides and stuffs keywords in tabbed content for easy ranking.

What Does Google Say About Accordions or Tabbed Content SEO?

A few years back Google introduced a new update which locates hidden content or tabbed content and excluded it from their seach results. They made it clear that if we nned to rank something it should be visible whil ethe page is loading.

Can Google Crawl Content in Accordions for seo ranking?

What does this mean Hidden Content in Accordions for Seo Ranking?

Itobvious tabbed content or Content in Accordions are now crwaled and taken into account on mobiles and desktops. It also means tabbed content will not hurt your SEO ranking in the google search resul. ;Tabbed content will be indexed by Google equally and given SEO value in the search engines .

To finalize accordions/tabbed Content will not affect your SEO Scores in SEO 2019. Who knows in the future Google may release another update which bans Tabbed Contents. This is for informational purposes and written by our SEO Team.
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