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We can see it all around us. In this era, people are moving more towards technology, making life easier. Putting the things like clock, timer, calorie counter, heartbeat sensor and what not into a single thing. The phone. Social Media itself has become widespread, with users all over the globe. Facebook, a social media website where you can interact with others, is the second largest company in the world. It’s no wonder that companies absolutely love and adore using social media to advertise. When a community of 1 billion people just standing there, what do you do? Give them advertising! Not in the sense that you bombard them with messages and ads that they don’t care about. Rather you open their eyes to products and services they never knew about, and let them know that they don’t want to miss out.

There are many ways to advertise on social media. Some of the most popular social media websites and apps include; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linked In, Instagram and more…

The very first social media with marketing we will be taking about, is the nation, Facebook. Facebook has seen massive growth since it became and now kids to adults all over the globe use it. Many big advertisers find ways to advertise, through popular accounts and on their videos, or by Facebook on the sides. Social Media Marketing is one of the strongest and most impressive types of advertisement to the consumers. Every minute, 1.8 million likes are added to Facebook by the general public. Imagine taking advertising to that level, breaking beyond the local radio ad, or website ad, and going directly to the millions.

Furthermore, news outlets, athletes, product lines, movies and so much more are advertising openly, by adding videos that are innovative and show the value of their product, sometimes these videos even go viral, becoming an ad that sticks in your head.

Another widely famous social media is Twitter. Games, news and again, all other products and services keep their consumer base updated on Twitter. Twitter is more of a modern cleaned up social media, but it is smaller than Facebook. That being said, you can tweet links and increase page views, traffic and in the end, customers. As many famous websites tells its viewers advertise on social media, including Facebook, Linked In and Twitter, your sales will increase over 3 times. That means you can increase your sales over 300% by harnessing social media for advertising. The best thing is that it’s free! While using ad space on the website would require you contact the social media, and usually is very expensive, you can make your own page or account, and freely advertise on there. You can link to your product, blog, or service. Building a consumer/fan base will greatly help with this.

The next social media we are going to be talking about is Linked In. Most of the younger audience doesn’t know what Linked In is, which is why businesses like to advertise here when their main audience is older, more professional people. Linked In is a type of social media that can earn you jobs, show off your status and accomplishments, and more. Advertising on here effectively harnesses that your audience will definitely be more mature, more professional and will pay more attention if something catches their eye. Which is perfect if you need to advertise something for the business minded, or more of an adult community.

The other giant that employs thousands of people, is YouTube. Through making videos, YouTube has become the go to website to watch clips, trailers and funny gameplays. YouTube gives the option to content creators to have their videos monetized. Usually 3 different ad spaces are available to be monetized, businesses can fill these spaces, one space is a video ad, which is mandatory for viewers to watch to continue onto their videos, this method ensures that viewers cant skip and have the most chance of becoming customers, in other cases businesses or organizations use these social media marketing strategies to raise awareness. Sometimes even for a noble cause, such as donations for cancer research, or to help feed kids in Africa, so not all cases means that the ad is trying to sell something.

Blogs are one of the new trends that are in effect. Famous motivation blogs, entrepreneurial blogs, fitness blogs and so on have ad space available. In which your ad can be viewed by tens of thousands up to millions, making a very effective strategy to market. The problem that arises however is that most professional blogs do not derive income from ads, they keep their blogs “ad-free experience” for their users and customers. So not in all cases is it possible to advertise properly on blogs.

One of the reasons that this company is a leading media marketing company is because we get social media. We look far beyond social media as just a way to interact. We inspect the profits to be made, exposures to expose, and products to advertise. Not only are we efficient in 1 category of social media, but we understand multiple websites and how each of them work in regards to social media marketing.

Getting our customers message out via social media is our first priority, and we do an amazing job at it.

Unlike other businesses that know social media, but don’t know the interdependence of social Media’s on each other, we do. We know that Facebook and Twitter are different, but in many regards they are the same. The functioning of YouTube and Linked In could be that they reach different audiences, but knowing these websites in and out, we have learned the best and most effective ways to use social media marketing. You can trust us, with beautiful precision, we aim to achieve the highest exposure, so that your product can be seen and known by all. Harness the power of social media marketing and increase your sales today!

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